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  • Just had a quick question, was wondering if anyone could shed some light on this. Last season, before the season started, I bet on the Seahawks to win the Superbowl @ 50-1 odds. This year, the early prediction I've read has been anywhere from 12-1 to 6-1 odds. In my opinion, this is not worth the risk as much as 50-1 of course.

    Therefore I was wondering if it's possible to bet on a team going undefeated and what those odds might be. It's definitely a longshot, but I'd rather put $50-$100 down on that and win big, than put it on odds of only 6-1 and win just a little, comparatively. I know you can bet on quite a few things, and would assume you could bet on a team going undefeated- but the couple times I've tried searching for the answer or the odds of this, I have come up with nothing.

    Any help would be appreciated- thanks! :th2thumbs:
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  • Contact the Vegas Hilton sports book. Or any for that matter. Im partial to the Hilton.
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  • With what the odds are of it actually happening, there's probably not a lot of call for that particular action, but I'm sure with the odds stacked so heavily against winning that wager, I'd think most books would be happy to set the odds on that if you were willing to make the wager.

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  • ask Sherman.......
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  • Thanks guys, yeah I'll call the Vegas Hilton and see what's up. Much appreciated.
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  • When sports books set odds especially when it comes to point spreads it isn't about who they think will win or by how much, it's about getting people to bet.

    The bookies make a percentage of your bet win or lose so if half the bettors go one way and the other half go the other way they still make money. Occasionally they will lose money, there was a recent Superbowl where Vegas lost a lot but usually they make money
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