Jake Stoneburner TE - Ohio State

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Jake Stoneburner TE - Ohio State
Fri Feb 15, 2013 7:07 am
  • So, Jake Stoneeeeeeeburnerrrrrrrrrrrrr (that's an awesome surname) has been on my target list since looking more in depth at tight ends and deciding Escobar could be taken mid to late second round. I don't believe TE is a huge need right now but can't see us keeping Zach around once his contract is done so we're looking at a semi project or a depth player to move up the charts right now.

    He's listed at 6'5 245 and has not seen a huge amount of balls thrown his way but he makes them count when he gets them. His official stats are listed as follows:

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    2012   16   269   16.8   72   4   
    2011   14   193   13.8   36   7   
    2010   21   222   10.6   21   2   
    2009   2    30   15.0   17   0   

    His major benefit is his good catching, route running and ability to play the slot receiver as well, gives a potental conversion to WR if needed. His lack of production (more due to lack of throws his way with the Buckeyes running a lot this year) may put some people off but if he's given a chance he can make plays. Only one bit of decent tape on him and that's from 2011 against Akron but it shows what he can do if thrown to.

    Big pass catching target
    Good athleticism
    Good route runner
    Decent blocker
    Has played multiple positions (TE, Slot WR and fullack)

    Limited catches
    Doesn't play to his size
    Could stand to put on a bit of muscle and learn to use it

    Where I'm targetting him currently: 4th round for us, pending combine.

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Re: Jake Stoneburner TE - Ohio State
Fri Feb 15, 2013 8:02 am
  • i go to ohio state... first off he is the best ball catcher at osu the last year the only problem being they never used him!! hes not a burner or a stout te like gronk... kinda an average tight end, at least by the way we used him!!
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Re: Jake Stoneburner TE - Ohio State
Fri Feb 15, 2013 11:01 am
  • I'm a huge Buckeye fan. Stoneburner does have great size and knows how to get open. Like others have already said, his stats aren't particularly impressive, but Ohio State hardly throws, and Braxton Miller is still pretty raw as a passer, but Stoneburner does have a knack for coming up with the clutch catches. He doesn't drop anything. Plus, his name is really, really cool. I would draft him just based on that. With his name, it would be a travesty if he was drafted by anyone other than the Seahawks or Broncos.
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