Free Agent D-linemen "Busts" that JS/PC might have interest

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  • Purely speculation here, but given that the Seahawks have somewhat of a trend of bringing in "bust" (whether it be because they were highly hyped coming out of college or have not lived up to their billing), bargain-type free agents (examples: Mike Williams, Braylon Edwards, etc.), I have a feeling the Seahawks will at least kick the tires on a "bust" type d-line free agent this offseason. The two which intrigue me the most are:

    1. Sedrick Ellis - very highly touted coming out of USC. 7th overall pick in the draft and still young (27). His first three years in the league were fairly good (4 sacks rookie year, 6 sacks in 2010) but he's had a grand total of 0.5 sacks in the past two seasons combined. He seems to have the ideal body type for the 3-tech position (which in my opinion is our greatest need) at 6'1, 307. Given his USC/PC connections, he might be worth bringing in as a backup, at the right price of course.

    2. Glenn Dorsey - as Ellis above, very highly touted. He was arguably the best defensive player in the NCAA his senior year at LSU. Again, like Ellis, ideal body type for the 3-tech spot (6'1, 295) and was highly touted (5th overall pick in the same year as Ellis). I think he was a complete misfit in KC's 3-4 defense - I know numerous scouting reports coming out of college said that his best position was at the 3-tech in a 4-3 defense.

    I'd love to bring both in as depth honestly. I think there's a decent chance we could get decent production from one, if not both. Thoughts?
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  • Dorsey I see as a possibility. Ellis not as much.
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  • Dorsey in a 3-4 @ KC ?
    Wrong placement in position and scheme to get the most out of a player that had the kind of potential Dorcey had.
    I'm pretty sure that if he's available, and willing to comPETE, then Pete and John just might be willing to let him have at a second chance at the brass ring.
    Not that I think that Ellis is done, but how would he fit the Seahawks D-schemes?, I would think that John and Pete would again know if he's a viable option, and if he's still tanked for action.
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