Is Russell Wilson trying to recruit Tony Gonzalez???

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  • I didn't think too much of it when he was praising Gonzalez at the Probowl. But he also does it very publicly on the Jim Rome show. Maybe RW is being coy?
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  • Doesn't hurt, but with the Falcons going full-court press on Gonzalez, just do not see it happening. Does he make his home in California or Georgia? Would be tough to pull up stakes for just a 1 or 2 yr run here. But that is just my thinking. Gonzalez has several teams being mentioned as interested in him if he decides to give it another shot.

    It did seem like the 100% chance dropping to 95% has gotten the fires hot on recruiting the guy.
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  • That would be awesome.
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  • Man, I wish I could spend a day around Gonz. I would be saying the same things, that guy is a class act and quite possibly a legend at his position. once in a lifetime kind of player, much like Wilson. :)
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  • Don't tease me like this...

    The football gods would never allow two miracles to occur so close together.
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  • Seattle lost to Atlanta in LARGE parts to Tony Gonzalez

    Tony Gonzalez is a shoe-in for the HOF

    :sarcasm_on: I am sure the praise is just to get Tony Gonzalez to go from a team that was just in the NFC championship game to Seattle so that he can win a superbowl before retiring...... :sarcasm_off:
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  • I don't know if recruiting is the right word, but a player like Russell Wilson will always want to have other professionals like Tony Gonzalez on his team given the way he prepares and the way he (likely) figures other players on that same level can push him to be better.
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  • Miller and Gonzo would be our version of Gronk and Hernandez of the Pats. It would be awesome.
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