Semi-Crazy Idea for the 6th/7th Round....

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  • Since we may have 12 picks... and are all about competing... why not draft this kid if he's there?


    Yes. A punter. Brad Wing from LSU.

    Now before you laugh.. here is what Jon Ryan is making over the next 3 years:

    2013: $1.3 million
    2014: $1.4 million
    2015: $1.5 million

    And I like Ryan, but given the fact we have quite a few players who will require some coin.. why not take a look at Wing?

    By the way for comparisons sake, if he lasted until pick 188 (our 6th rounder) .. here's the salary of last years 188th overall pick.

    The contract includes a signing bonus of roughly $104,000 and base salaries of $390,000, $480,000, $570,000 and $660,000.
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  • After Ryan's playoff performance, I'm down. HE STUNK.
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  • I actually do not mind this idea at all and I am a huge Jon Ryan fan.
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  • Blasphemy! How dare you talk that way about MVP Jon Ryan.

    Now if we could get Blair Walsh/Legatron 2.0 I'd be quite happy.
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  • Jon Ryan was actually pretty awesome the last two seasons. Was near the top of the league at avoiding touchbacks and carried a solid punt average. He's a big reason why our special teams has ranked near the top of the league in all three of Pete Carroll's seasons here.

    Plus he looks like Pete the Pirate from Dodgeball. That's worth the extra million alone.

    Also, spending draft picks for kickers and punters is a fool's errand these days. Supply heavily outweighs demand. Eric Folk might have been the best kicker in the Pac-12 when he was with UW. He also has a brother who currently kicks for an NFL team. And even he can't break in. Even Hauschka was a castoff and he's made about 90% of his kicks since coming here. Olindo Mare was a vet minimum FA pickup. If you want to replace a kicker or punter, there are always good options available that don't cost draft picks.
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  • I don't really see the difference of less than $1m a big enough cap hit that it needs to be done, but if this kid is better than Ryan (which I have no idea) then lets bring him in. Now, the thing is, Ryan was among one of the top punters in the league last year, so if we're talking about drafting this kid to only save some money (but have a worse punter) then we'd be better off drafting elsewhere, imo.
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  • JKent82 wrote:Now if we could get Blair Walsh/Legatron 2.0 I'd be quite happy.

    Oh yeah, and THIS. I want a kicker where anything under 60 is doable.
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  • I'd draft every DT that has good measureables I could in the 6th and 7th round. Load up on 'em and see if we can find a diamond in the rough.
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