Wilson breaking down the Whiners defense on NFL AM

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    He was definitely not as robotic as usual, though; I agree. He still wouldn't put himself out there as RotY, though!
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  • oops didnt see that thread, you can go ahead and delete this one
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  • He answered it properly given how the Hawks and Niners match up. Two teams, both with good defenses, exceptional running games and mobile QB's.

    The difference was the Seahawks caught the ball and that Wilson is more accurate. If any team is going to best the Niners, that team must be good at everything and complete their passes. It is why the Niners beat GB twice, why they beat the Pats, Bears and Falcons. Coincidently, the Hawks beat all those teams with the exception of having ATL finish that 30 second two play drive.

    It is also why I think the Ravens will at a minimum give the Niners a lot of trouble. Force the Niners to stop both the run and the pass, play physical defense and they are average. Think about it, the Rams, Seahawks, Vikings and Giants all beat the Niners. The Rams aren't the best at anything, but they do everything fairly well, same goes for the Giants. The Vikes have the best RB, a tough defense and they threw the ball well in their win. I think the Ravens are a lot like the Rams, just more experienced.

    Russell knows what beats the Niners now and from now on, it will be about execution for him.
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  • Axx wrote:

    He is not as robotic in this interview and is less generic than usual.

    I love this kid, with his composure and ability to speed read Defenses.
    He's light Years ahead of Vick and RGIII with studying game tape, breaking down tendencies of each and every player that he faces, and not only that, he works with his team mates to getting them prepared for every game.
    RGII, and Michael Vick are/were athletic as hell, but have had the tendencies to running themselves into trouble, and getting hurt for missreading some plays, and that's NOT puting the team first.

    RW= "Separation by Preparation",,,You have to make smart choices out there, it's play smart, or play hurt.

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