Most Seahawky player? Maybe Alec Ogletree

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Most Seahawky player? Maybe Alec Ogletree
Tue Jan 29, 2013 11:31 am
  • Every draft you know there are a couple of highly regarded players that the Hawks would be very likely to draft if they fell to their pick, even if they play a position which is not a need. Just because they love the player so much. Last year, if you believe some reports, that player was Alabama safety Mark Barron. Barron seemed so Seahawky: big, physical, athletic, versatile...even though safety was far from a need, he very well may have been too tempting for them to pass on.

    This year, the player I would guess the Hawks are drooling over the most is Georgia LB Alec Ogletree. He came out as a junior after playing MLB at Georgia. He is big: 6'3", 230, with long arms. He is also a freak athlete. He played inside at Georgia, but I think most believe that he could play any of the LB spots in the NFL because he is so athletic. Seems like a dream player for Pete Carroll.

    The nice thing about Ogletree is that he would fill a big need. I am not a fan of the idea of moving Wagner from MLB after he had such a good year, but I see no reason why Ogletree could not step in and kill it as a rangy WLB. Arguably D line is a bigger need, and maybe a pass catcher and nickleback as well. But if I were betting, I would bet that if Ogletree somehow makes to the Hawks at 25, they would snatch him up no matter who else is available.

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  • Completely agree...

    He's had a knucklehead past, but he is a supreme physical talent with a real passion for the game. I know he had some issues in the run game, but I think he was totally misused as an ILB. He's clearly an outside guy.

    The most Seahawky play he had all year was the body slam against GaTech...he won me over on that one.
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  • He (Ogletree) has great speed and atheism to play a OLB position. I believe this is the area we where lacking this season. A OLBer that can blitz which will help our pass rush. Although on that u tube vid at 4:13 when he hits that QB (in the NFL) we would be flagged for a blow to the head costing us 15 yds and a call from the commissioner. I can't wait for the combine to see his 40 time & high jump.

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  • Agreed. Ogletree isn't perfect, but there is no denying how well he fits the PC/JS blueprint on defense. AKA, "preferring athletes over football players" and then hoping to coach them up. It's no wonder that Pete seemed so excited about coming to Seattle to coach Aaron Curry. Curry proved uncoachable, but otherwise he was pretty much the definition of the kind of prospect Carroll gravitates towards. While I complain about Ogletree's lack of instincts, lack of zone coverage ability, and lack of physicality, I'm betting Carroll sees those things as surmountable obstacles.
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