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  • Good thing we found a QB already! Last year around this time, lots of people wanted us to wait until this year to draft a QB, saying there was 5-7 possible first round QBs this draft and didn't see a draftable QB besides Luck and RG3.

    Thank god we didn't wait. None of these QBs scream franchise player.
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  • I know we talked to Wilson....interesting.
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  • Other than Wilson, Senior Bowl QBs usually suck. A lot of the best QB prospects head to the NFL as juniors, and even the good senior QBs (Barkley, etc) typically skip the event.
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  • As I said in another thread, I watch alot of ACC football, especially NC State. Glennon is not a great NFL prospect and my opinion is that he should not be drafted as a starter. I'm pulling for him to do well, and I hope a team takes him high, but though he puts up great numbers, he also throws into coverage and is good for a WTF interception every game. He does have an arm though, and he looks and throws like a prototypical pocket passer.

    For the Seahawks, there is value in picking up EJ Manuel. Watching him play for four years, I think he would develop into a great spread-offense, read-option type player with time to develop. He would be a great backup to Russel if we part ways with Flynn. His recievers at FSU were great and made him look better than he was, but he has the tools to be a good backup in the NFL.
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  • This helps the value of a young vet ready to be a starter like Flynn.
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  • Yeah they're talking about Glennon a little bit on Brock and Salk this morning. I've watched a handful of NC State's game. Glennon is really tall and has a great throw, but other than that he's not a good NFL prospect. Less mobile than Manning and Brady and just doesn't have enough size like Roethlisberger to be able to stand in there and take hits or shrug off pass rushers.

    All in all, this QB draft class is really weak.
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  • I haven't watched much quarterbacks this year (yes!!), but from what little I've seen from Nassib, the kid from Syracuse, I think he's a good player. He's been getting way too much hype right now to think the Seahawks will consider him with an early pick, but if he falls to us to the 3rd, they might then. I would.
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  • If we hadn't landed Wilson... I would've happily seen us draft Barkley, Wilson or Smith this year.

    Not saying they'll be Luck/Griffin/Wilson good... but I think you can win with all three.
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