Did Chucky get some Taint on him with Super bowl accusations

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  • Tim Brown and Jerry Rice both saying that Callahan through the Super Bowl. Kind of late for these accusations and their arguements are pretty week. Still if Chuckys win is considered a gift does he come back to get one again or stay in the booth.

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  • This whole story is fascinating. It sounds absurd, but so does changing the gameplan after what 10 days of planning?
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  • Brown brought this up in a local radio station a couple years ago. He truly believes it.
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  • Divisional championship games - January 19th
    Super Bowl - January 26

    It was a year with one week between. Still strange to change the game plan but not as weird as doing it after 10 days.

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  • And now it came out, via LaConfra, that Al Davis changed the gameplan, PERSONALLY.

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  • That SB was always a gift. The Raiders were the absolute best opponent the Bucs could have asked for. Callahan didn't change the offense at all from when Gruden had been there, so the Bucs had more knowledge of what Oakland was going to do and what plays they had available than any Spygate footage could have provided.

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  • Chucky is a crap HC. All that super bowl did was prove that Tony Dungy's defense was better than Jon Gruden's offense.
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