Washington Seahawks Plates - Sign me up

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Washington Seahawks Plates - Sign me up
Fri Jan 18, 2013 6:03 pm
  • Just saw this. I could go for it. As long as there are no costs for the taxpayers, producing these plates gets my support. I definitely would buy a set.

    Bill proposed for Sounders and Seahawks License plates

    Lawmakers have introduced a bill creating a specialty plate for the Seahawks and the Sounders. The plates would cost $40 with a $30 renewal fee thereafter.

    The bill says proceeds of the plate's purchase will benefit three non-profit organizations after the teams are reimbursed for any costs incurred in creating the specialty plate.

    The bill is being sponsored by the Democrat and Republican chairs of the senate's transportation committee at the behest of Lt. Gov. Brad Owen. The soccer club and the football team recently approached Owen with the idea.
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  • Sign me UP!
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  • Sign me up
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  • Finally! I'll get a set for each car.
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  • Hells yes!
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  • Sweet!
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  • The Seahawks are certainly trending upwards these days.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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  • What am I supposed to do???
    Does California have a plate with this :49ersmall: ?????????
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  • ....thread useless without pix.... :229031_rant:
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    GO HAWKS !!
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  • Oh hell yes!

    If I get those I won't be able to drive down to the Bay Area anymore. At least not with Seahawks plates. I'll probably get my windows smashed.
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  • Sounders though? I've never seen the big deal with soccer in the USA. Its not the best soccer players in the world, BUT to each their own if they're big Sounders fans..
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  • So freaking cool. Sign me up as well.
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  • They should have an 'old school' and 'new school' hawk option on them - may appeal to more people that way.

    And now they need to add the Sonics as an option....
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  • They wont cost jack to make! Pretty sure they just use prison labor.
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  • Tech Worlds wrote:They wont cost jack to make! Pretty sure they just use prison labor.

    Niners and Raiders fans making Seahawks plates? That's awesome
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  • Awesome to hear guys. We got Saints plates here in Louisiana after SB XLIV, there were supposed to be only 4,400 made but they were in popular demand so they made them a regular plate to get. I still need to get around to getting one myself, oh the joys of being in college.

    -The Glove- wrote:Niners and Raiders fans making Seahawks plates? That's awesome

    LMAO. :thirishdrinkers:

    pehawk wrote:I have a boner, right now, as I type this.

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  • Yeah they'll not cost the taxpayers cuz they're prison labor and because you'll pay a bit more for them like the personalized plates and the current theme plates (EWU, WSU, UW, Lighthouse, assorted wildlife plates, etc.). According to the link below and in the article Doc linked, it's and extra $40 for the plate(s) and $30 for renewal.
    Note that there's already a Mariners specilaized plate available so it's about time Hawks and Sounders plates were produced. ... esign.html
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  • i'm in , let's do it.
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