Hasselbeck is on Brock and Salk at 10am (link)

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  • Matt or Tim?
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  • sorry, Matt
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  • CANHawk wrote:Matt or Tim?

    Neither. Elizabeth.
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  • -The Glove- wrote:
    CANHawk wrote:Matt or Tim?

    Neither. Elizabeth.
    Wonder if she'll intimate that Wilson wasn't born in the US. :sarcasm_off:

    Will be cool to hear from Matt tho. I bet he's still a fan even after not being resigned (although he DID turn down their offer). I think that's why so many were so vociferous about being on the Flynn bandwagon at the start of the season, thinking he was the second coming of good old Matty. Still miss the guy.

    Best interviewee ever.....and I'm sure has a long, fruitful career in broadcasting/color commentary if he chooses to go that route. Wonder if he has any coaching aspirations? I never heard him mention any, but you never know.
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  • any link ?
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  • Good to hear Matt - he will always be one of my favorites. Class guy!

    You can tell he will eternally have a special place in his heart for the Seahawks.


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  • We should bring on Hasselbeck to be a media coach for Wilson. It's the only bad part of Wilson's "game". :)

    Didn't realize until just now how much I missed Hasselbeck being on the local radio stations all the time... :(
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