Bram Weinstein Redskins season ticket holder.

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  • Oh man this podcast is hilarious. Salk kept poking Weinstein with a stick until he was just in an RG3 fanboy frenzy. Weinstein is a sportcenter anchor and normally seems pretty level-headed, but its cool to see that these guys are fans too. It really shows that the Skins' fans we've been reading on extremeskins and talking a little friendly smack around here aren't outliers.
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  • I think that Skins fans are hungry for a winner and the future looks bright for them. They have not made it past the Divisional Round of the playoffs since Rypien took them to a Superbowl when I was in High School (and I just retired from the Army)...

    We were just like them in 03, 04, 05.. wanting the world to respect them as a bonafide good team but that respect comes with winning in the playoffs and look no further than the Falcons.. great regular season team the last 3-4 years and garbage in the playoffs..

    The Redskins are an up and coming team for the most part.. the only thing that may hinder their ascent is the fact that they mortgaged a few drafts for RG3 and that appears to be a good investment now, but their D is not getting any younger.

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  • turned it off after he made it sound like the Redskins have the most high-powered offense in the history of the game. Going by this guy's estimation the Redskins are Superbowl Champions. Much respect to our opponent, and no surprise if they pull out a victory at home on Sunday, but this idea that they are an offensive juggernaut is false. They are good but if anyone's defense will play them well, it's ours, a point this guy is completely out of touch with.
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  • I listened to it live. Some great stuff there.
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