It aint eazy being Sweezy, Carrol On Moffit.

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    according to this article on regards of the two week inactive moffit, Coach Carroll said, "Moffitt is ready if we need him."
    So it seems like Pete has no intentions of starting him again unless if Sweezy or Paul go down.

    Sweezy's thoughts on why he struggled earlier in the season
    "It’s amazing I was in a position to play before," he said. "Because now, knowing so much more, knowing the offense so much better, I look back at that film and I’m like, 'Man, if I only knew what I know now.' It’s a world of difference."

    And most importantly, why Tom Cable loves Sweezy
    “I think that stands out to me more than anything – he’s so tough mentally. He accepted his failures, but he grew from them."
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  • Bleacher report. Did not read. Do not care.
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  • CANHawk wrote:Bleacher report. Did not read. Do not care.

    their opinions are usually wrong but these are just quotes from the coaching staff and players.
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  • Basis4day wrote:

    Talks about Sweezy and Moffit.

    That's an awesome picture of Wilson. I believe that was a critical completion and he threw the ball about 6" under the outstretched hand of Long. I recall thinking...damn, I'm glad Wilson's not 6'5".
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  • Hmmm, Sweezy was getting owned on Sunday vs. the Rams.
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