Seahawks ranked #4 in final NFL Power Rankings

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  • Didn't see this posted yet. ... s_harrison

    Seahawks are #4 in the final NFL Power Rankings. What's interesting is looking at the teams who we are ranked ahead of. Think back to the beginning of the season and realize how far this team has come in one year. Amazing.
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  • number 5 on ESPN
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  • And of course Tates TD was mentioned under the Packers comment.
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  • Crizilla wrote:number 5 on ESPN

    Sando wanted to write "Hawks suck on the road," but dug around for something nastier.
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  • Meh. Should be #2 under the Broncos IMO.

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  • Aros wrote:Meh. Should be #2 under the Broncos IMO.

    Agreed, #4, OR #5 is a joke.
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  • Floridahawk79 wrote:Fox has us #9 ??????

    This one's a joke right? We won and we moved down a spot?

    And the Packers lost and moved up? While the Vikings went down 2?

    This is a joke.
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  • Atleast give us #3

    If he was going to give Atlanta the #1 spot back then because they were the only undefeated team even though he and everyone knew they suck, atleast give us #3 cus we beat the patriots. Of course it doesn't matter. Teams can have the #1-2-3 ... we'll take the Superbowl.
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  • I can only imagine the massive erections brought about in this forum by the placement of us at #9. For a fleeting moment, we had lost any legitimate opportunity to bitch about being underrated by the media.
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  • Win 4 more games .. that's the only "power ranking" thats worth a crap
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  • Still feels good to have the Seahawks in the Top 5 again.
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  • The NFL power ranking makes more sense as it has the 49ers and Packers below us. ESPN pretty much mirrors the teams records and doesn't take into consideration momentum, margin of victory, season trends, etc.
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  • Good line from the rankings: "Premium secondary + effective running attack + quarterback who doesn't pull any Sanchize's = Super Bowl threat."
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  • I dont mind #4 or #5 but #9 is a complete joke. I respect Billick but come on man... just admit you havent watched a Seahawks game this year and I will be cool about your placement of them
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  • You lose all credibility when you place a 10-6 team with an easy schedule ahead of an 11=5 team with one of the toughest schedules on the year. That's just ignorant right there.
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  • theres really only ONE way to define the #1 team...

    I for one am going to wait...
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • Seahawks are the number 1 overall team by the stats that I count: ... oa-ratings

    Now they don't take into account, kneel downs, passes that are dropped or the like. But this is the closest I can find. But it's really just for arguments sake, nothing but the a Superbowl win will matter in the end.
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