Since I was a little tyke, my favorite Bowl has been

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  • The Heart of Dallas Bowl. So much rich tradition. Such a great bowl game.
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  • Don't have to go back too far to see you as a "little tyke", do we?
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  • Mine was the USF&G sugar bowl. Gone now, but it sounded like cussing when I was little.
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  • I know pehawk is being his usual facetious, sarcastic self with this thread but I'm going to give a straight response anyway.

    My favorite bowl was always the Rose Bowl but I usually enjoyed the Holiday Bowl and Cotton Bowl as well. The Aloha Bowl was occasionally good entertainment as well.
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  • Holiday, Peach, Orange and Rose are my faves.
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  • You shut up, Ryan!

    My OkSU Cowboys are rick-rolling the Boilermakers right now. We're gonna be very good next season.
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