Have the Hawks ever been road playoff favourites??

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  • Just curious,someone correct me if I am wrong,but I can't recall the Hawks ever being road playoff favourites in there history??The line I see has us as 3 point favourites.
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  • Prior to the Billls game I don't remember winning a regular season game as the favorite :?
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  • My paper had Seattle as 2 1/2 point favs this morning after opening favored by 1. My best bud in Mill Creek said he saw Hawks -3 after opening as a pick 'em.

    Before we all get too wound up, remember this franchise last won a road playoff game in Dec. of 1983 at Miami. This will not be an easy task though the recent road wins at Shitcago and Boofaloo give me plenty of hope to be sure.
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  • This Seahawks team is a level above everyone else it seems. And they seem to have the ball bounce their way. Only thing that discourages me is the refs. Seattle just needs to stay ahead of the refs, and they will make a strong push in the playoffs.
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  • Canhawks wrote:Just curious,someone correct me if I am wrong,but I can't recall the Hawks ever being road playoff favourites in there history??The line I see has us as 3 point favourites.

    The Seahawks are 1-8 in road play-off games (8-11 overall), their lone win was against the 12-4 Dolphins New Years Eve 1983, in which I’m sure the 9-7 Wild Card Seahawks were not favored….

    The only two road games I can think of we MAY have been favored or at least a pick-em could have been the ‘83/84 AFC Championship Game after beating the Dolphins on the road and handing the Raiders two of their four loses that year, we MAY have been a pick-em, but I doubt it.

    Or the strike shorten ’87 Wild Card Game featuring the 9-6 Seahawks against the Warren Moon led 9-6 Oilers in their first play-off appearance in seven years. This too COULD have been a pick-em, but again I doubt it.

    But really it’s moot, we won the first road play-off game we ever saw in 1983 and have never won one since, favored or not,

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  • I seem to recall we were favorites in the AFC championship against the Raiders as we had beaten them twice in the regular season and we were hot.

    Needless to say we forgot to show up that day, that game still bugs me!
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