NFL Gameday Final- Previewed Hawks Skins

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NFL Gameday Final- Previewed Hawks Skins
Sun Dec 30, 2012 11:38 pm
  • I'm not sure the video is posted yet, but Deion was on the full fledged RG3 bandwagon- he went as far at to say he'd rather have RG3 injured than Wilson healthy...

    Deion also said that he'd rather have Morris than Lynch...

    Deion asked Faulk, who has a better offense, the Cowboys or the Seahawks- Faulk said "the Cowboys", and Deion responded, "Well they just held the Cowboys to 18 points, you don't think they can't do that against the Seahawks?". The Seahawks have a higher PPG than the Cowboys, and it's not even close in the second half.

    Irvin said he'd rather have Wilson with RG3 injured and that he'd rather have Beastmode too. Faulk thought that the two teams have similar offenses but that the Hawks D is much better, and will be the difference. I can't say I disagree.

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  • Ehh... Ill have to see the vid to really go into commenting in-depth but with what I've read, I thinkt he hawks have a better O and D, I think our Offense just needs to focus more on protecting Wilson and I think the rams game was an eye opener
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  • I saw that as well. It was weird having heard Faulk say that. He has been down on Seattle for years. I also think there is some kind of connection with Deion and RG3. Maybe like a mentor ship or something. Maybe just an east coast thing.
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  • Faulk vehemently defended the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, took flak from the rest of the group for it.
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  • considering the fact our defense is better than Pittsburgh and they completely shut out RG3s offense to 12 points,
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  • Geez, with the names you just rattled off apparently to be cast on this show you need to have an IQ lower than 80.
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  • Fox0r wrote:Faulk vehemently defended the Seahawks and Russell Wilson, took flak from the rest of the group for it.

    So Faulk drew the short straw, and the producers made him be the Seahawks supporter?
    The producers largely feed them angles and storylines, "talking points", and Faulk got stuck with the Seahawks, apparently because he played in the same division once upon a time.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:Geez, with the names you just rattled off apparently to be cast on this show you need to have an IQ lower than 80.

    Nah, just be concussed that many times.
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  • I also saw they were bringing up the "poor packers have to play instead of getting a bye because of the Tate catch". Faulk shut that down and put those fools in check saying, "Well Green Bay could have won today, you can't go back and say it was because of that game." I hate Faulk, but maybe a little less now. Or maybe not.
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