Is it close between Arian Foster and Adrian Peterson?

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  • :roll: Two friends of mine were debating about how much each player affects each team. Apparently, their stats are similar this year, though I won't post it now. You dudes can look it up. He said that Arian Foster is just as important to his team as Adrian Peterson is and that they have an equal effect.

    I don't think it's all that close. I think Foster is a great player but if Adrian Peterson were on the Texans, I think they would easily be the favorite.

    Thoughts? I'm new to the forum so hopefully this is not too stupid of a topic. Just curious as to what the the rest of the 12th man thinks.
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  • Stats aren't really similar? Peterson has 20 less carries but 500 more yards.

    And clearly you're new. This is nowhere close to "too stupid" for .Net :)

    I don't see why it's close. Foster is fantastic, like you said, but Peterson is gunning for 2000 yards, playing without much help at all, running through stacked defenses, etc. It's not a diss on Foster to say Peterson is hands down better (and, sadly, same is true when comparing AP to Lynch).
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  • Yeah, no contest, IMO. Fosters on a great offense, AP isn't.
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  • Great question and, and, and,,,welcome to


    Oh yeah, Peterson in a walk. He's truly a force.
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  • Nothing close, Peterson is a freaking man and all you gotta do is watch the two to see this.

    Adrian Peterson is a very very very very very very rare back.
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  • foster is a product of the system IMO, a fine back but if AP was on the Texans he'd probably demolish the record.
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  • AP is one of the greatest football players I have ever seen

    He's simply amazing

    Foster's awesome but he's not even in the same stratosphere as Peterson
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  • AP is miles beyond Foster this season. And Foster is probably just a product of the system hes in, every RB thats touched the ball their the last 3 or so years has gone bananas (look at what Ben Tate did last year, almost hit 1000 yards, only had 280 less than foster), and this year Fosters stats are inflated by his number of carries. His yards per carry is pretty low, and it's actually the lowest on the team.
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  • Peterson would do what he does on the Jags, Browns, Colts, Cardinals, etc. Arian is fantastic, but Tate and Forsett prove that he runs behind a great line.
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