My cousin got a call from the NFL yesterday. SO LUCKY!

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  • She is a make-up artist (and a great one at that). She was hired to do Michelle Beisner's make-up for the game. I guess she's the sideline reporter for tomorrow. This could be a good start to a new weekly inlet/paycheck for her if they just keep her on staff for the sideline reporters and broadcasters each week at the CLink. Who knows... maybe the Hawks will hire her on to do the Seagals makeup. She's really a true artist.

    So do a solid for a tried and true Seahawk fan (she was way into the team in the Zorn/Largent days... no lie... she knew more about them than I did!) and make lots of nice twitter comments about Michelle's makeup. Maybe this will be my cuz's big break. She's earned it and deserves it. She's awesome at what she does, and even though she's a total hippy/artist that moved to Amsterdam for like 12 years to "chill out", she is still a huge Hawks fan and M's fan. She's what being a Hawks fan is all about. You don't have to be a total jock or rich loudmouth. We have the melting pot of fans and she fits right in with the rest of us. Getting to work the sideline of a game will be a pretty big deal for her, I can guarantee that. She'll appreciate it more than any other makeup artist they might have randomly hired in the Seattle area. So kudos to my cuz. Maybe next time she'll need somebody to come hold her bags of makeup and umbrella and stuff. Yeah, I'd do it for a sideline pass! :) I'm going to ask her to see if she can snap any cool closeups with her phone without getting busted. We'll see what happens. If she does, I'll post them up.
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  • Sweet...
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  • We'll be rooting for her for sure!

    Congrats to her...
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  • Very cool for her!
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  • A relative of mine has been the camera assistant on the sidelines at homegames.
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  • that's awesome!
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  • Very cool! We'll want to hear the post-game report, of course.
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  • Awesome for her Shark.
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