The Arizona Cardinals Collapse: Unparalled In NFL History?

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  • 4-0 with thorough wins over you guys and over the Patriots at Foxboro. Wilson and Brady looked LOST against this team. Through 4 weeks they looked like the best team in the NFC. Undisputed.

    Now they are the joke of the NFL...all within one season. Biggest collapse in NFL history?
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  • well you've got the 2009 Broncos who started 6-0 and then went 2-8 to miss the playoffs and land the 14th overall draft pick... which was used to draft Earl Thomas
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  • I think a huge part of that is because Kolb got hurt. Every game hes played in they won or had it in their sights until he went down.
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  • That OL was held together with bailing wire. Was just a matter of time.
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  • Yeah, I don't think this is an unparalleled collapse as much as the Cards are the worst team in NFL history to ever start out 4-0.
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  • Didn't Rich Kotite have a team start 9-2, and miss the playoffs? thats worse than the cards.
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  • RiggoReincarnated wrote:4-0 with thorough wins over you guys and over the Patriots at Foxboro.

    Uhh what?

    We had multiple drops in the endzone that would've beaten them and the Pats kicked missed a FG that is made about 85% of the time. That's not thorough, that's getting lucky and sliding by.

    Which is exactly why they are what they are now. They won a bunch of close/OT games last season and it rolled over into the beginning of this year. My prediction in the preseason was they would finish 4th in the division and the "whiz" (most overrated coach in the league IMO) would be fired. I stuck by that prediction even when they were 4-0. Good teams just don't win games the way that they were. They were needing a lot of help/luck and it ran out like it always does.
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  • Hopefully they turn their season around today! ;)
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  • All I know is that I'm having flashbacks of the '99 Seahawks, who started 8-2 and finished 9-7. Not that that compares to what happened to the Cardinals this year, just was reminded of it.

    Edit: The Cards were saved from me thinking their collapse was epic by the Texans. I mean, I know they're in the playoffs, but after seeing today's game, wow. Talk about bad. The Texans have just completely lost it the last several weeks.
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  • What about the Shula Dolphins who started 9-2 and missed the playoffs at 9-7?
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