Vernon Davis says Kam hit him in the head...righhttttttttttt

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  • Kam did a number on his head for sure! I think Kam has set up a lemonade stand in there with a lifetime lease! :-)
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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:If Kam hit him in the head he would have been fined this week.


    Not only that, if Kam had hit him in the head, Davis would have been carted off the field.
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  • Holy crap VD got lit up... Those hits are going to become more and more rare in the NFL. And honestly, I'm not wishing any permenant injury on the guy, but damn that would have been worth a 30 yard penalty.
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  • This is one of my favorite top three hit's on the year. "Wham Bam my names Kam"
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  • Proves you don't have to be that smart to play in the NFL.

    There's literally tons of evidence this turd could look at that proves otherwise. He should just go back to crying and getting benched.

    What a bone bag. Glad Kam got to tattoo him. BAM BAM.
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  • Pussy
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  • Sorry Davis, american football isn't a "nancy-boy" sport.
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  • bigtrain21 you a Mike Watt fan?
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  • the team doctors need to re-examine VDs head, I think they missed a few screws...
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  • bestfightstory wrote:bigtrain21 you a Mike Watt fan?

    I haven't heard of him. I googled him and did see that he has a song named Big Train. I got my nickname from playing football when I would run over people. Not meaning that in a bragging way or anything. That is just the honest truth. They nicknamed me Train. So then I am also a baseball fan and started to like Walter Johnson who's nickname was Big Train and combined it with my baseball number and there is how I got my name. I have used it pretty much since I got my first yahoo email address and used it on the ESPN forums back when they didn't suck.
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  • If it wasn't legal we would have heard something about a fines or something. Its obviously legal as u can see, thanks for the footage. Now i understand what Singletary was doing with his pants down. :192215: He was showing VD how to get in stance then violated him. Made him a stud player but turned him into a bitch. Good hit Kam!!! :bump: Go Win Seahawks!!!!!!!!!!!!12
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  • Of course it was legal. It was a text book example of separating the ball from the receiver.

    The 9'r fan reactions are just fodder to aid in dealing with one serious butt whooping.
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  • It was such an awesome hit that he probably thought he was in europe by the time he picked his head up off the ground.
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  • Runs fast, good hands and a Pu$$y!
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  • He's gotta justify losing the ball and getting leveled (and jumping to catch the ball in his chest completely unnecessarily, exposing him to this big of a hit) somehow. Whatever helps him sleep at night.
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  • After Vernon was nudged off the playing surface he muttered, "Mommy, I want a nerny"
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