Blowout vs overcoming adversity in Wk 17

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Which would you prefer

AZ/BUF/SF style beat down
Overcome early adversity, still win comfortably
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Blowout vs overcoming adversity in Wk 17
Fri Dec 28, 2012 2:13 am
  • What would prefer?

    A blowout where we win 48-7 similiar to the last few weeks?


    A game where the Rams jump out to an early 14 point lead. Say a kick return and then we fumble on the next drive and they score off the short field. We then manage to fight back and end up winning 34-20.

    We still end up winning comfortably, but we actually have to work for it. I'd prefer it going into the playoffs I think. Remind the Seahawks they're not quite invincible and make the offense operate with a little pressure. Not that there would be anything wrong with stepping on their throats from the start but I don't know, just a thought.

    I could always leave an option for: "Just come out with a W and healthy". But I don't wanna, so there.
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  • A blow-out.....much better for my heart.

    Sends a message to ALL our division rivals about the early season losses....

    Since Chicago this team is mentally tough.....they already know they can come from behind.....keep the momentum going. I think it gives the psychological edge going into the play-offs. Like everyones saying....The Hawks are the team nobody wants to play right now......
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  • I think the Rams are too good for a beat-down and Fisher has them playing hard. I wanna see Steven Jackson throw a TD pass to Sam Bradford in the game. I think 34-13 sounds about right, after 1 17-10 halftime score.
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  • another blow out, Seattle has been winning me alot of money since the Chicago game!
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  • A blow-out obviously in my mind. Keep that well-oiled machine rolling. Leave no doubts what we can do going into the playoffs.
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  • Def a blowout for momentum and where we can rest starters in 2nd half would be most beneficial at this point in the season going into the playoffs.
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  • If the Hawks abort a 4th consecutive team, the NFL pundits will be singing our praises and NO ONE will want to play us in the playoffs.
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  • I'd prefer a blow-out, I'd always prefer a blow-out, but I see more of an overcoming early adversity game coming on.
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  • Stomp a mudhole and walk it dry.

    Put the rest of the league on notice.
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  • It's the Rams, we need to knock the snot out of them, and send the message going into next season that they are still our bish. Also, whoever faces us in the playoffs needs to have in the back of their minds that they are playing a team that has put up 2 bills in the December.
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  • I want to slaughter the Lambs and continue the absolute dominance of any opponent that's put in front of us.

    GO HAWKS!!
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  • I don't see any reason not choose blowout.

    1. Maintain momentum
    2. Maintain high level of efficiency on both sides of the ball
    3. Another game to rest starters in the 4th quarter in preparation for playoff game next week
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  • Why would I want to have a close game?
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  • Truly elite teams don't have the need to overcome adversity; they're never down by more than 7 in the first place.
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  • JKent82 wrote:A game where the Rams jump out to an early 14 point lead. Say a kick return and then we fumble on the next drive and they score off the short field. We then manage to fight back and end up winning 34-20.

    I'd love that. For one thing, the early 14-point deficit would be one of our biggest deficits of the year. To climb out of that would speak volumes on our ability to handle ANY situation, not just maintain a blowout.
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