An Alternate Reality Called the Pro Bowl

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An Alternate Reality Called the Pro Bowl
Thu Dec 27, 2012 7:57 am
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    In every sport, there's always a massive screwjob, the snubbing of all snubs, a disgrace so sickening that the process used to select these "all-stars" is thrown under the microscope. As luck would have it, the Seahawks were involved, as they always seem to be of late. I never mentioned this, but anyone find it ironic that the man in the center of the blown call TD run during the Texans/Lions game on Thanksgiving was Justin Forsett, Ex-Seahawk? Everywhere we go, even when it's to other teams, controversy soon follows. Anyways, back to the annual All-Star game travesty.

    This year's laughable error in the selection process didn't come at the hands of Colts Rookie QB Andrew Luck. Nope, not by a long shot. Seahawks CB Richard Sherman is most definitely this Pro Bowl's equivalent to the kid on the back of a milk carton. Sure, he's got a possible suspension looming over his head but that was not a factor in the selection process which consists of fan voting, NFL players, and coaches. Regardless, innocent until proven guilty, right?

    Let the record show that Richard Sherman shall go down as the greatest snub in professional sports all-star game history. My suspicions that 95% of the rest of humanity are idiots has been confirmed.

    This is perfect though. No, seriously. Part of what makes Sherman, the proud owner of 61 tackles, 7 int's, 3 forced fumbles, 2 TD's, and 23 pass breakups (according to Hawkblogger, only the 3rd player in NFL history to do this) so great is the size of the chip on his shoulder that he plays with. He's going to win his appeal and this will all just be more fuel for his fire. Sherman knows that the Pro Bowl "don't mean nothing." I'm sure he's way more preoccupied with the decision of his hearing and potentially winning a Super Bowl to give a damn about the Pro Bowl.

    My sincerest thanks go to the NFL for continuing to set the bar so low.

    What's beautiful about this is that in year's past I would've been screaming at the top of my lungs, now I'm just laughing at this like I'm the town cynic. I would've clung to Pro Bowl spots as validation that at least somebody out there knew that a Seahawk had a great season. I used to actually tune in just to catch a glimpse of how they'd look in those generically awful NFC jerseys. Now? I simply don't care. We're out here gunning for Super Bowls and the Pro Bowl game is played the week before the Super Bowl. Hopefully, these guys won't even get a chance to play in the game, making their selections kind've useless anyway.

    Now, I'll have a really big problem in believing that ANY of these accolades and awards mean ANYTHING if "Tricky Dick" Sherm isn't on the list for All-Pros. Somewhere over time, Pro Bowl nomations became something broadcasters and hack journalists would trot out over the years as a glorious accomplishment on the part of the player. If only somebody with the brains back then would've realized that being selected an All-Pro should be the less useless nomination that gets thrown about 10 times a telecast.

    Bottom line is, this snub although absolutely awful and logic defying, doesn't faze me at all. There are bigger fish to fry, a championship to be won. I expect more snubs in the Rookie of the Year awards. Something tells me that the voters would love to give a Packer yet another award after the "grave injustice" they suffered early in the year, so Casey Heyward will probably win the Defensive Rookie of the Year award. The media also has a huge hardon for QB's Robert Griffin Tres and Andrew Luck, so I wouldn't expect any Offensive Rookie of the Year honors for Russell Wilson either.

    I can't wait to see Sherm just absolutely go off on whichever poor field analyst it is that gets the pleasure of interviewing him while he's hositing the Lombardi Trophy. That's some must see TV waiting to happen right there. You know CBS would have this thing ready, but we'd hang on every word.

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  • Reading the comments on ESPN, no one even mentions Sherm. Surprisingly, people are complaining about Wilson (from what I could tell whilst plowing through the 900,000 Luck vs RG3 comments)
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  • NYCoug wrote:He's going to win his appeal and this will all just be more fuel for his fire.

    Step aside, kearly! Looks like I'm the NEW "Brock Huard prophet" of .Net! :lol:

    Just kidding bud, you will always be the driver of the Russell Wilson bandwagon! Brock Huard riding shotty.
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  • The Pro Bowl voting is a joke, it's no better than the baseball All Star game voting........bunch of fans stuffing the ballot box and players bitter over getting dominated.

    Sherman will be an All Pro, which is the REAL measuring stick of the NFL.
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  • Sgt. Largent wrote:The Pro Bowl voting is a joke, it's no better than the baseball All Star game voting............

    Or the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame voting.

    Great post NYCoug. The rest of the NFL will pay for the anger I have no doubt Sherm is going to carry with him on the field the rest of the season.
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  • That noise you guys are hearing is the collective wind being let out of NFC playoff opponents sails, who actually thought they had a shot at the Super Bowl with Sherman likely being out for Seattle.

    Silly NFL. Try to stifle the Seahawks but instead they created a monster!

    I'm with sinceday1 on this one... LOOK OUT for Richard Sherman. We might just see some of the most inspired CB play since the days of Deion.
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