To all you long time Seahawk Fans

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To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:33 am
  • Your worries are over, let's not question this team ever again, OK!! Go Hawks. I couldn't help but re-post this, I called this game, have faith, this team at the very least is GOING TO make a DEEP playoff run, I can see it. Washington or Dallas, NP. ATL, NP. NFC CG will be the one question mark, but with all the momentum you never know.

    12thManHawkFan wrote:When I'm predicting a game coming up, I look at how the other team has succeeded recently. Then I bounce that production against how I think the Seahawks would have performed. 5-6 explosive plays against a terrible secondary, not going to happen Sunday. Let's say Kaep gets 1-2 that nets 10 points + 1 sustained drive 7, or maybe 3 after all SF was stopped in the Redzone multiple times last Sunday. Turnovers? Not going to be the same as your NE turnover frenzy that was last Sunday, maybe Seattle gives up 1, but will SF capitalize? I don't see it. Like I said I think SEA will stop the explosive plays Sunday. So what are we at... 13-17 points. That's not going to get it done, you guys are getting ready to play an Offense that is ON FIRE, to say the least.

    Let's not forget, you guys just lost to the Rams, what two weeks ago? What happened in that game? 1 sustained drive, 5 punts, a safety, a FG, a fumble by your hero that lead to losing the lead, oh another FG...OT punt, Shanked FG (trend?).

    You guys had a ton of explosive plays that game right? You can't bank on them. If that is all you had all game, then ya i think the game was garbage. I would say lopsided if SF didn't almost BLOW THE ENTIRE GAME by giving up 28 points in 1 quarter.

    What is the whole point of my article? I wanted to know if any SEAHAWK fans were feeling the same way I was after the game last Sunday. The media is painting this picture as if SF is the most amazing team since sliced bread. I'm sorry I dont see it that way, I'm not worried about Sunday at all. I think that Seattle is going to put SF to sleep by the end of the third quarter.

    The rest of the thread is...

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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 10:37 am
  • great call 12th :th2thumbs: :49ersmall:
    I don't know why I bother... no one cares what I think.
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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 12:33 pm
  • yep, all my doubts are banished. I'm a firm Russell Wilson believer now. And while I'll be bummed if we make an early exit - which I don't believe we will do - I know that this team is going to become a dynasty and my only fear now is I have to keep my old heart beating long enough to be there for it.
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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 5:26 pm
  • I remember watching the games where we just looked no better then the Titans vs Jets game a couple weeks back...

    Watching that game, reminded me so much of how bad our team was. Hasselbeck under center. 3 and out every time. Bad oline. There was No hope... just sad frustration. And people who I thought were true hawks fans would leave the living room to go play monopoly in the other room cus there was no way in hell we were going to make a comeback... and i sat there, like a true hawk, and watch our team get stomped to the ground as the final seconds ticked down and looked at Jim Mora's face... wishing I could punch him so bad.....

    sigh... those were the days. I hope I painted a dark dark picture for you guys.
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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:19 pm
  • This season will already go down as one of my favorites. That being said I have drank the kool aid every year since the mid 80's, having that eternal optimism is what makes you a Hawk fan. No matter how hard or how often you get hit you come back, BOOM shot to the ribs(Kelly Stouffer, Stan Gelbaugh throwing away the defense of 92 hoping Brian Blades, Cris Warren, or John L. Williams will pull a miracle out of the hat). Smack shot to the jaw (Ronnie Harris and the special teams fumbling away the offense and defense in 97). Thud kick to the gut (Hoping Rick Mirer would build on his rookie year and watching the team hang below mediocrity ). I've seen some good teams in the 80's and 2000's, but those teams seamed to always have a weak link or malcontent. I don't think this team would tolerate someone quitting and mailing it in or someone calling it good enough, thinking they're the shit and getting to big for their britches. We have real leaders on this team and a unified vision top down, big things are coming for this team in the future. Heck I don't need the Kool aid the whole organization already drank it.

    I love watching the whole team not just hoping Joey Gallaway, or Brian Blades get 100 yds receiving, not having to hope Chris Warren or Derrik Fenner can grind out 100 on the ground. Not focusing on Tez hoping he has a play I can hang my hat on a school when all the other kids think the Raiders are awesome because of an NWA CD cover. Now I can say the Seahawks are awesome and they leave crying national journalists confused and angry.

    I also wanted to say Hello, and say I'm glad to be part of the best online fan family out there. Not every fan is a member of this forum, but every Hawk fan with a computer visits this site.

    Go Hawks!
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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:27 pm
  • Nice to hear from you, Vantucky! It's especially nice hear from posters who know how to make complete sentences
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Re: To all you long time Seahawk Fans
Tue Dec 25, 2012 7:44 pm
  • I was and still am totally fine with the 4 year plan and expected to see what we see now, NEXT SEASON! And it took until this past week for me to jump ALL THE WAY IN! Better late than never! This team is IN F&^%ING CREDIBLE! I just did not know how or where to place them. Up and down weeks but so much promise shown. Then little by little it just started falling in to place. Then they exploded!

    The Hawks were the talk of the dinner table tonight, I was in my glory. I have no one. I mean no one to talk about Seattle football to here in Buffalo. But 4 families tonight and a total of 23 people sat at the table and discussed ROTY, The San Fran game. Russell Wilson and The surprise team, Seattle. I didnt wear a cap today out of respect at the table. But when dinner was over I put it on. Some people didnt know I was a Hawks fan. ( on my sisters boyfriends side)
    They said. When did you become a fan?. They expected me to say last week or 2005! lol

    I said proudly, SINCE I WAS 11 yrs old! You think I know all this Seattle stuff because I watched a San Fran Game two nights ago?

    It is a nice time to be a Hawks fan!
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