Why do the Hawks get so many Lft Handed Compliments?

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  • Nonsense.
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  • go figure, as far as I knew starting in december and into january is when you want your team to get hot.

    Atleast, thats the way it has been for the giants, why should it be any different for the hawks?

    oh well, Florio is kind of a Bozo.
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  • Well, we certainly can't expect every single media member on the planet to buy the Kool-Aid. There's always going to be some doubters, perpetual haters, devil's advocates and just all around reprobates among them.

    "Shaquem Griffin tells ESPN after he got drafted by Seattle; 'I can't breathe.' That's the only time you'll hear him say he can't do something." - Dan Wetzel via Twitter.
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  • Florio has actually pretty high on the Seahawks, and I think he has stated they could make it to the SB

    He may just be covering his Arse, so if the we don't get to the dance he can point back to this article as proof

    he wasn't ALL-IN
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  • Because they want to justify their biases.
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  • Have they really peaked?

    Talent can get you to the playoffs.
    It takes character to win when you get there.

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  • Here is his quote.

    "They may have peaked a bit too early, but no one has been better than the Seahawks have been the past three weeks."

    That's a pretty benign comment. Some people here have to relax. I don't see this as doubting or hating.

    Thanks for the amazing memories Beast Mode.
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  • I don't see any indication that we've peaked. Since those last two drives against Chicago we have simply been fulfilling the promise and enacting the vision that was set forth when Russell Wilson was named starter. This is no fluke.

    I don't blame any media figure from being caught off guard. NO ONE EXPECTS THE SEAHAWKS DOMINATION! But it is sooooo on!
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  • We haven't peaked yet. Wait until we start dropping 70 on fools!
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  • The scary thing for the rest of the league is I don't think we have peaked yet.

    - Browner back for the playoffs
    - DB's finally getting healthy
    - Baldwin back to form
    - Defense clicking like the beginning of the year
    - Wilson's continued maturation and command of play calling
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  • The team is located on the 'left' coast, ergo...

    Now if it were a 'backhanded' compliment we'd have issues. Can't see Sherm taking a backhand from any Mediatch!
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  • Rafi wrote:We haven't peaked yet. Wait until we start dropping 70 on fools!

    Beautiful! :thirishdrinkers:

    I think he is looking at other teams that peaked early and mid-season in the past and is trying to project that logic onto the Seahawks current late season run. They probably peaked too late, since they kicked those Lions and Dolphins games, costing them much higher seedings. I think if the team doesn't win the big one, that will be the reason our fans will give as a significant milestone in this season.
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