Can seattle clinch a playoff spot if they lose?

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  • I was just wondering? What would have to happen?
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  • Three of the five 8-6 teams as long as one is Dallas have to lose I believe.
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  • In other words if Dallas wins the east and everyone else is at 9-7 we are out.
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  • Minnesota faces Green Bay in week 17.
    Bears are slumping and face Cardinals and Lions both on the road.
    Washington is hot but they host Dallas in week 17 and Dallas is also hot.

    So there is a decent chance the Seahawks could back in. Seattle would have to lose to the Rams at home (and SF at home) for this even to matter. Football outsiders currently gives the Seahawks a 99% chance for the postseason. Sounds about right to me.
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  • I heard that all we needed was one win.
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  • Is the question lose BOTH weeks or just this week?

    Different answers.


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  • shicks wrote:We can, if Washington, Chicago, and Minnesota all lose. ... =uk_t11_a4

    This means that the Hawks theoretically could clinch a playoff spot before the 49ers game even starts.
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  • Yeah, we can clinch before our game even happens, if Washington, Chicago, and Minnesota all lose.
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  • we are playing for #2...
    Arizona will beat the 49ers... and The Vikings will beat the packers..... seattle will steel #2...
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  • go zona!
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  • I've been reading that one more win is a clinch.
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  • MrCarey wrote:I've been reading that one more win is a clinch.

    It is
    It's payback, Russell Wilson falling way back
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  • If we lose both of these HOME games what business do we have being in the playoffs? heh
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