Heartwarming Story about an Ex-Seahawk--John Kitna

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  • I always loved Jon Kitna. He had such heart and leadership. I felt then and I still do to this day that Holmgren never fully trusted Kitna to be the QB he could have been. What a terrific article and story. It just makes me respect the man that much more.

    I will never forget the time my girlfriend and I were waiting in the pouring down rain behind the Kingdome after a Seahawks game to get some autographs for a disabled fan who lived in the mid-west. I was running at the time and I told the kid I would do my best to get him an autograph or two. As the players poured out, many of them walked straight to their cars mocking us by rubbing their shoulders to suggest it was too cold and wet for them to sign anything.

    Well, out comes Jon Kitna. He was the hero of the day, throwing a few TDs. I didn't expect anything from him. Instead? He walked down BOTH sides of the fenced off area and signed autographs for EVERYONE.

    When he got to me, I asked if he wouldn't mind signing this poster for a disabled diehard fan from the midwest. He simply said, "I'll sign for anybody."

    From that day forward I became a huge fan.

    This story proves what a terrific man he is.
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  • Man, what a great story. Jon Kitna, class act.

    Too bad he didn't retire a Hawk.
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  • Kitna is the man.
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  • This story was in all the State newspapers a couple of months ago.

    He's doing what he wants to do and that's great. I wish he and Holmgren could have meshed but like Favre, Kitna kind of wanted to go his own way on the field.

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