9ers fans

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Re: 9ers fans
Wed Dec 19, 2012 8:24 pm
  • I'll be surprised if there isn't a 100-yard rusher against us this game. : /
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Re: 9ers fans
Wed Dec 19, 2012 9:53 pm
  • Pstark3 wrote:Where the cards and rams fans at?

    Hanging their collective heads in shame...

    “There’s no reason, with Mr. Allen and the fan base here and the stadium, that this can’t be a stable, long-term winning organization.” - John Schneider
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Re: 9ers fans
Thu Dec 20, 2012 5:43 am
  • I've been around Niners fans for years, almost all of them are obnoxious, arrogant "fans" who vanish when their team has a bad season. Of course, they all the sudden pop up and act like world beaters when they finally have a good season. Also, when talking to a Niner fan, it's like Anthrax said: "Talking to you is like clapping with one hand"
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Re: 9ers fans
Thu Dec 20, 2012 7:00 am
  • HawkHouse wrote:I just went to 49ers Webzone and some of the the hate is unreal, some of them saying they want to punch Russell Wilson's wife in the throat !?!?!

    Some of them are saying that's a little over the line but most seem to be jumping in and loving it ...

    http://www.49erswebzone.com/forum/niner ... ad/page42/

    Wow ...

    Personally I try not to go to the Webzone often... There's a severe lack of maturity there. The official messageboard is better in my opinion, but you'll have to register to view it I think.
    JSeahawks wrote:We might as well rename this site Seahawks&49ers.net.
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