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  • I've noticed in the last few games that when the Hawks bring a safety up in the box and leave only one deep that it is often Earl that is brought up. It seems to me that it would be way more valuable to have Earl's speed on the backside and Bam Bam in the box, but that is often (more often than not I think) reversed. Any theories on why they started doing that?
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  • I think that in many of those cases et is either blitzing or covering the slot. Et is amazing at blitzing, and may be a better 3rd or 4th receiver cover? That And I don't think it is as noticeable when kam comes up because he looks like a backer.
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  • I would guess it's because we've faced some damn good TE's and slot receivers the past couple months. ET is too small for the TE coverage role, but completely agree that he can cover more ground in coverage. With respect to the blitzing aspect, I don't know if I've ever seen Kam with a sack (?) but do often see him in run support in the backfield or at the first level. Your OP is an interesting observation and I wonder if there's a pattern associated with it.
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