Breakdown of Sherman vs. Stevie Johnson

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Breakdown of Sherman vs. Stevie Johnson
Wed Dec 19, 2012 10:14 am
  • ... week-15-2/

    This Earl Thomas part pissed me off at the end....for some reason, PFF is not a fan of Earl...

    The player that should be able to make a play on this ball is safety Earl Thomas, lined up to Johnson’s side as part of a three-safety look on the play, but unfortunately Thomas does a lousy job of recognizing the route. He keys off the quarterback and by the time he takes off running to his right the route is already coming in behind him. For as much praise as Thomas gets for being an elite player in coverage, plays like this, showing an unfortunate lack of awareness, are what holds him back from being amongst the best in the NFL.
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  • I actually have to agree with him. Thomas is super instinctive in run recognition, but sometimes I think he gets fool on passes. He is still very young and will learn, but I can't say that this isn't at least partially true.

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  • one perceived bad play does not take away the elite status of one of the nfl's best players. Great thing about this is, they don't have to like him for him to be elite. He just is.
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  • Good article. Stevie reminds me of T.O. back in the 49ers days. Marriucci would move T.O. around a lot and put him in the slot because it gave him more freedom and T.O. could easily beat press coverage. Jeff Garcia had similar arm strength to Fitzpatrick which is another similarity of the duo. I haven't watched as much of Stevie Johnson as I did with T.O. naturally since we played the 49ers so often, and I don't know if they use Stevie as often on those short slant routes like the 49ers used T.O.
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  • Earl Thomas has elite instincts and range, but man, Earl just disappoints with his catching, ain't the best, i was SHOCKED considering i watch every game, that Thomas has 3 int, which is pretty good. I noticed more dropped int, i guess that is why i think that is a lot since when was the last time he got the 2nd int, hard for me to remember. If Earl just got half of those drops, he would probably have like 5 or 6 int, man, could have been game changing turnovers with just 2 or 3 more, that's probably why PFF is kind of disappointed in him this year.
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  • And once again, we're forced to give opposing skill players their due instead of just assuming that our defense is tanking.
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  • Hmmm, this makes me feel better about Sherman.
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