Prisco votes both ways so he cant be wrong on Sea/SF game

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  • Geez Louise. Douche.
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  • rainger wrote:So in his pick column Prisco Picks the 49ers 21 - 20 over the Hawks ... isco/picks

    The copy on the game doesn't match the score. He says RW will win. I think the score should read 21-20 Hawks. He's still a douche though.
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  • Nah, he was picking the Seahawks in both.

    They just put the scores in the wrong place.

    In the column where his has it SanFran 21- Seahawks 20, this is his quote:
    The Seahawks are rolling on offense. But the 49ers defense is tough to beat. Seattle's defense is right there with them. This will come down to the two young quarterbacks. At home, I think Russell Wilson gets the better of it. Seattle gets closer to the 49ers in the division race.

    It looks to me like he picked the Seahawks.
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  • Yes he has corrected it since this morning
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