Doesnt San Fran run the read option too?

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Doesnt San Fran run the read option too?
Tue Dec 18, 2012 10:29 pm
  • I wonder how we'll handle it....
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  • Go check out our game vs Carolina....They may be the best in the league at running it, and I think we handled it pretty well.

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  • doesn't work on us, ask cam.
    plus we have super powers now, 50 pts (sarcasm....kinda)
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  • It's a HUGE rivalry division game. Nothing we look at will mean anything. Look at all of our games and look at our game against San Fran this year. We play each other like it's the Super Bowl. We will continue to do so and no other team will compare. It's basically the #1/#2 team in the league playing against each other. I'm saying that San Fran is #1, because they've already beaten us. It is going to be an insanely close game and one of us will win. There is no other possible prediction. And Carolina is NOT San Fran.
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  • they do, and i noticed they were running that pistol offense RG3 runs as well during the pats game... this really is a copycat league.. not talking trash just saying other teams really do take notice and see what's working and what's not..
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  • Problem with looking at our performance vs Carolina is we had BB. No BB, no spectacular play where he stuffed the RB, and tackled/stripped the ball from Cam. That was one of the best plays I've ever seen from one of our players, and I will be damn happy to have BB back in the playoffs. Let's just hope we have Sherm too.
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