What style of playcalling do you anticipate against SF?

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  • Hopefully we leave the play not to lose/conservative game plan at the VMAC

    It would be nice to play from a lead, even though RW has shown the ability to bring us back into a game

    The way we've been playing of late bodes well . . . keep the playcalling unpredictable

    and keep the foot on the throttle
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  • The type of play calling which drives us all nuts. Expect only the best from Carroll and co.
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  • That no huddle offense seems to really work against the niners. I wish we'd utilize it.
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  • I am afraid we will play safe, just like we have played the 49ers the last 3 times.

    I hope I am wrong. We need to play smart, but play just like we have been the last 3 weeks.
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  • They already lost to this team once
    They're gonna get creative and try to demoralize them so they'll be nervous when we go back to their place and do it again in a month
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  • Carroll walks right up and punches them in the nose - it's now or never.
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  • Honestly, I think we need to get the ball first and take that first drive for a TD. Keep the pedal to the metal the whole time and don't get cute.

    No prevent crap on D. Mix up the blitz and don't just rely on 4 guys all the time.

    This is a very dangerous SF team.
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  • Aggressive on both sides of the ball, they've opened it up offensively now our passive d-coord needs to sprout a pair and be aggressive early. As the patriots proved give kaepernick 8 years to throw the ball, he'll light you up. Pressure him and put him on his ass early and often and he'll make mistakes.

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  • Wide open. Keep them guessing. Change it up with formations they haven't seen.
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  • russell wilson wins rematches 58-0 on average
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  • themunn wrote:russell wilson wins rematches 58-0 on average

    Wow. That is one staggering statistic! Good find, man!
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  • I almost thought they had Russ dropping back to throw too often yesterday. I know, blasphemous but it seemed like they were wanting to throw an awful lot though obviously on a number of occasions he ended up having to run. However, against the Whiners that may well be a better strategy as they seem so geared to stop the run. Also, like Sports Hernia said above, I would really like to see a more aggressive approach defensively rather than a whole first half of vanilla 4 man rush. I do think it's quite possible that with the big lead the Hawks had, Pete decided to stay conservative through that half and then when the Bills made a bit of a move toward the end of the first, decided at halftime to crank it up to bury them in the 2nd half. If so, it worked. :-)
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  • 12thMan1 wrote:That no huddle offense seems to really work against the niners. I wish we'd utilize it.

    it's not just the no huddle that caused problems for them. it was the pace of the no huddle. tom brady runs the no huddle at a pace unmatched by any qb not named peyton manning. if russell can run the no huddle with only like 25 seconds or less in between snaps then we will tire the heck out of their d-line. just using no-huddle won't work against them because they rarely sub in any players anyways. we have to wear them down.
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  • I think this is not going to be a defensive struggle like the last time. Both offenses are more dynamic now, so I fully expect both teams to really open up the playbook.

    I'm hoping that the 49'ers are going to be really worn down after last night, and now another road game in Seattle against a pissed off and rested Hawks team (two games in a row where first teamers didn't have to play all 60 minutes).
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