Well, the odds are extremely high we won't be going to GB

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  • Just went through a bunch of permutations on the Playoff Machine and GB either ends up the 2nd seed or the 3rd. However, win or lose to SF, we almost always end up the 5th seed. In fact, we'd have to lose to SF and see the Giants win out for us to be bumped to the 6th seed and face GB anytime before the NFC Championship.

    Most likely, round one we play the winner of the Dallas - Washington game. I'm thinking the Skins win that one at home. RGIII vs Russell Wilson. I really don't fear the Skins. Then, barring the #6 seed upsetting the #3 seed - which would either be SF or GB - we would travel to Atlanta. I don't fear them either. Which puts us in the NFC Championship game vs GB or SF.

    At this point, with a rookie QB, even if we lose we'd have to be pretty dang happy and have an excellent outlook on this teams future, but if we win, well, we'd have either knocked off the Niners in their house - how great would that be to send HarHarHarBAH packing? - or we'd have beaten GB in GB and shut whiny Packer fans up forever.

    I'll be rooting for the Cards to beat the Niners just like everyone else so we have a shot at the division, but we're in the playoffs if we win one of the next two games.
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  • I kind of want another shot at the 9ers in SF.

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  • I just did some permutations on the Playoff Predictor, and was shocked to see that if NYG go 2-0, and we go 1-1...we get the sixth seed. I think it matters what the other NFC teams's confusing as crap. Simple solution, just win out!!!
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  • Yep....just win out.....and make our life a lot easier!
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