So much for the division next week...

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  • And two plays later, down by 7 again
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  • I pray the title of this thread becomes hillarious in a few minutes!

    There are three certainties in life. Death, taxes and the perpetual shuffling of the Seattle Seahawks offensive line.
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  • LOL Ouch that hurts my buzzed noggin.
    "Somebody needs to work some Photoshop magic and put Harbaugh in the car with Pete handing him a nice warm glass of Shut the F*ck Up"
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  • Pathetic defense by the pats
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    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!
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  • My happy is flaccid
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  • Patriots ego lost this Game. 4th and 2 deep in their own territory and They went for it.

    Bonehead move.
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  • please block the kick and return for a touchdown.
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  • Unfortunately Kaepernick and the 49es appear to also be poised to be very scary for years to come. Are the 2 best teams in the NFL in the NFC West?
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  • I'd almost rather be a wildcard at this point. That way we go on the road and win it all legit.

    We will go to GB and crush them, then everyone except Mike Greenburg will quit whining about the GB game.
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  • need a beer
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  • Atlanta is no slouch.
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  • blue 22 wrote:need a beer

    Or 12
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  • My happy is impotent.
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  • AZ showed a little spark today, maybe the niners underestimate them like the Lions did?

    that and the niners were EXTREMELY lucky today, if that were a DRY game, the Pats tear em a new one
    GO HAWKS!!!
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  • So now our road to New Orleans takes to the road.
    GO HAWKS!!!

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  • MontanaHawk05 wrote:So now our road to New Orleans takes to the road.

    Game on...
    "Plus I hate the seattle stadium the **** place is too loud, gave me a headache watchin the game." ~ Some 9er fan
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