The Bi-Annual "What's Your Superstition?" Thread

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  • Every other year or so, it is the inevitable calling and duty of us diehard fans to report our superstitions. The one thing that bonds us all is that we have at least one. If you say you don't, I will either call you a liar or say you are one of the rare Souls who has dementia before their time.

    The paradox here is that you do not need to be superstitious to be superstitious.

    If you are a diehard fan, you are superstitious.

    Especially if you are a Seattle Seahawks fan.

    So put the ego aside for a moment and come clean. What is your superstition before every Seahawks game? If you have more than one, be loud, be proud, share them all!

    Mine? I have to hang my Seahawks flag outside on my driveway. If I don't, the Football Gods will rain down fire and brimestone on us all.

    Also, I have to wear a Seahawks jersey on every single away game. (Okay, so that one hasn't really mattered much....)

    Finally, and maybe most importantly, if I don't check into .NET before the game then we have no shot. :)

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  • Yea, when you said dementia, I raised my hand, as for superstition, I have a good feeling right up until kickoff, then all the sour feelings come flooding in, so like you I stay away from .NET...The whole "misery loves company", just don't think I can carry any bigger load LOL
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  • Game day superstitions being discussed here.

    On to week two. Week one was not a fluke!
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