Seahawks v Bills in Toronto - anyone else going?

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  • zetes wrote:
    mich83 wrote:And it really gets to me when people stereotype canada and they just assume. Just ike i assume that terrorists are attracted to america. Just to let all the americans know that you will not see any eskimos, polar bears or ingloos on the street.

    Dude, you need to chill a bit. He already admitted he was wrong about his "french assumption". There is nothing worse than an irate Canadian complaining about "how little americans know about us". Yes, I am born and bred in Toronto as well so I have no problem saying it. We are all Hawks fans and there a whole bunch of fans from this board (mostly from Seattle) traveling to Toronto to see the Hawks play which I think is pretty cool. I've been to Seattle years ago where I experienced great hospitality and I feel honoured to be hosting fellow Hawk fans in our great city. I think its our duty as Hawk fans (and humble Canadians) to try and return the favour with some hospitality of our own (even if they think we are all Eskimos who drink maple syrup ... on a side note it doesn't help when Edmonton's CFL team is called the Edmonton Eskimos). I look forward to meeting as many Hawk fans as possible and most of all a Hawk victory!

    Go Hawks!



    You DO call each other "hoser", don't you? I'd be disappointed if it wasn't true.

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  • Toronto is a big town with lots to do,only NY,LA and Chicago are bigger in the States.While the football experience will not be near as good as home,u guys should have plenty of fun things to do.
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  • Hey guys. Be easy on Pithy. I already set him straight a couple pages back. ;)

    As for French speaking Canada, I'm in Montreal right now. Cool city. Now THIS is French Canada. Maybe Pithy's bowling tournaments were populated with mostly people from Quebec?

    As for the bars for Sunday in Toronto. I have now visited all 3 I mentioned earlier. I say Fox and Fiddle's a good call for pre-game, and Loose Moose for post-game. The Moose will be a good place to watch the SF game.

    Can't wait for game day. It's gonna be a hoot! Oh, and I ran into a random guy wearing a Hawks jacket in Ottawa yesterday. Complimented him on his attire, and he said he's going to the game. Too cool.
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  • The Radish wrote:Been to a couple of senior pro bowling tournaments in Toronto and the main language was French then. I doubt its much different now, perhaps because its so close to the US.

    French is the official language of most of Eastern Canada.


    Missing on this one Radish Ontario is English speaking it is Quebec that is French. There would be less than 16 percent French in Toronto. Maybe you got there during a French convention LOL.
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  • Any idea what time you guys are going to show up to the Fox and Fiddle? How early y'all starting up? Trying to figure things out.
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  • Thinking fox and fiddle around noon? I brought my 12th man flag with me. Just arrived Toronto hotel.

    Customs official asked why i am here. I said "to see the seahawks win". I was also wearing a Lynch jersey and hat.
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  • First Post.

    I'm a huge Seahawks fan and just recently discovered this site. I'm currently in Sudbury, Ontario which is about a 4 hour drive from Toronto. My co-worker and I have decided to drive down to Toronto tomorrow to catch the game. So it looks like everyone is going to meet up at the Fox and Fiddle??? I will plan on being there about noon. I will be wearing my Richard Sherman jersey.

    See you all tomorrow. Go Hawks!
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  • Z.[/quote]

    You DO call each other "hoser", don't you? I'd be disappointed if it wasn't true.


    Sorry to disappoint we don;t say "hoser" maybe "eh".
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  • I'll be there! Should be arriving in Toronto in about 3 hours. Can't wait!
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  • That is SO awesome that so many of you guys are actually going to be at this game. As for me, I'm a Washington guy all the way. With that, the overall expense of travel, family commitments, etc. there is no way I could go to this game. Happy to hear that the 12th Man will be well represented at this game.

    With what I've heard (in comparison) it could be like a home field advantage for us in Toronto. LOL!

    Which brings me to this: those of you actually going to this game I EXPECT to be able to hear you on my TV as I'm watching the broadcast. Go Hawks and go 12th Man! :th2thumbs:
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  • I was on facebook and there was a link to a nightclub afterparty hosted by the buffalo bills. So wether they win or lose there will be a party. TRYST nightclub

    Dont teams fly back home after the game on sundays? ... afterparty
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