What this last weeks Cards game reminds me of

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  • 2002 Sunday Night Footbawl, 28 points in 1:47.

    Best highlight video ive seen, real tv coverage.
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  • EPIC!!!

    Don't care about all the Shaun Alexander discreditors, I still love that kid.
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  • Aww,that was nice.Had Mr.Alexander on my fantasy team that day.
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  • Forgot how fun it was to watch Shaun work. The man just flowed didn't he?

    Edit: In his prime of course.
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  • It reminded me of the 2005 Seahawks at the Eagles. I did'nt look up the exact score but it was something like 44 to 3 or zero. Tatupu had 2 picks they had to go with a rooky QB.

    The hawks went to the Super Bowl hmmmmmmmmmmmm
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  • reminded me of the texans 05 game where we had two 100+yd rushers
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  • Dont get me wrong i LOVE Shaun. i LOVED watching him run.
    But Lynch is so much more explosive and exciting to watch.
    And after watching Shaun, i NEVER thought id say that about another RB we had, atleast not this soon.
    But so it doesnt seem like im bashing Shaun, His character is WORLDS ahead of Marshawn.
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  • A few thoughts:

    - This should be evidence enough that Shaun was not just a hard runner in the redzone.

    - A lot of names I had pretty much forgotten about in that video (Brown, Wunsch, Robinson).

    - Anyone else notice how much younger Mike Holmgren looks here?
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  • all I want to say when I see that is..."Well, that escalated quickly"...

    Love the announcers, they mentioned that you always want to come back with a score after the other team scores and how Minnesota took 8:30 to score 3, and then Seattle essentially answered by scoring 28 in the next 1:47, yeah, that's escalating it a bit. Poor Mike Tice.

    Also, Tim Terry could lay some wood on some people.
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  • Mike Patrick, Paul Maguire and Joe Theisman. I loved Sunday night football when they were on. They loved the game and always got excited. Paul could be a little annoying at times though.
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  • Excellent video, thanks for posting. ;)
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  • oh man that is beautiful.

    2 things. we all know it, but dang i miss those blue endzones. also, im glad the stadium PA doesnt sound like that anymore.
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  • that was the first time i seen that since 02, awesome! just freakin awesome.
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  • Yikes that was 10 yrs ago!
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  • ^^thats what Im sayin, I really thought that was a typo in the title-I cant believe that was a decade ago. As far as difference between character, between Lynch and Shaun. Shaun Alexander makes the Pope look bad. Me I got no problem with either of em, I like em both as football players.
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  • Thats the first seahawks game I ever watched on tv.... needless to say that game had an impact on my life... thanks for sharing.
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  • I did a search on that site for more Seahawk videos... Pretty entertaining. The devil in the locker room commercials were funny.
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  • Yeah, that game makes me miss Mack Strong, Bobby Engram, and the blue end zones.

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  • Man, some great memories right there. How quickly people forgot how good SA really was.
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  • Thanks Kitsap!! :th2thumbs:
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  • Man... Could you imagine Russ and Lynch with that Oline? they had passing lanes all day for Dilfer!
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  • We were 0-3 going into that game. Steve Huchinson broke his leg at some point also.

    Anybody remember Red McCombs (owner of the Vikings at the time) being in the booth with the Minnesota radio guys? They decided to let him call one play, and it turned out to be the 80 yard screen TD to Alexander. Very funny stuff. Not sure if anybody can dig that up, but I remember laughing my ass off at it.
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  • I was one happy fantasy owner that day.
    ImTheScientist wrote:This guy is the closest thing to beast mode we will ever see. You got a glimpse of that yesterday. He was instantly my favorite player when they signed him. Give the dude a chance and don't overreact or overthink preseason. Go Hawks. Lacy will rush for 1,100 and 10TDs. Bend the knee.
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  • Loved watching Walter again. I forget how people just didn't even have a chance against him. Couldn't even get near Dilfer. How frustrating for DEs.
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  • Lots of nostalgia in that video

    - Blue Endzones (yes they've made brief comebacks but they need to fully comeback!)
    - Trent Dilfer lol
    - It was Seahawks Stadium back then and this was before it was known league wide as the most intimidating place to play
    - I miss that OL SO SO BAD! :(
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  • Theres an audio clip of that screen pass when the Minny radio crew had the owner on to call a play. He got excited because he thought they had a pass rush going, and then Shaun took it to the house. Pretty damn funny if someone can dig it up
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  • AbsolutNET wrote:Theres an audio clip of that screen pass when the Minny radio crew had the owner on to call a play. He got excited because he thought they had a pass rush going, and then Shaun took it to the house. Pretty damn funny if someone can dig it up

    Haven't found the audio yet, but here's the text version of that play: ... Mow_HfNl8E
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  • I was at that game. AWESOME! That was the season it all started coming together...Much like this season. I think we are in for another good run of years boys and girls..!
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  • Wasn't that game in Husky Stadium?

    Note the screen to Alexander. Somehow, we forgot how to do that until a couple of weeks ago. ;)
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  • sutz wrote:Wasn't that game in Husky Stadium?

    Note the screen to Alexander. Somehow, we forgot how to do that until a couple of weeks ago. ;)

    No that was our first season in C-Link (called Seahawks Stadium back then).
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