SEA will be #1 or #2 at Football Outsiders after tonight

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  • Read about that. That's freaking awesome! As is our DVOA 8)
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  • in #1 offense defense or just the best or second best team?
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  • Best team. And, last I checked, Seattle is super well rounded. Top ratings on offense, defense, and special teams.
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  • I honestly wish the press would downplay this sort of thing a little. Tends to get folks dreaming! Not that that's a bad thing, but just gotta stay grounded. Great news anyway!
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  • I am hopeful, despite this being their off day, that our players are closely watching both of these teams tonite. NE in particular. I sincerely doubt we will see NE committ double digit penalties. Hopefully the team will soon start better understanding how costly these penalties are...because it has to stop if we are going to consistantly compete against elite teams. Yes, I know we beat NE this year. Unless we tighten some things up, that won't happen again and especially away from in the SB.
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