No National Media Attention, but Fans are Noticing

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  • If you check out NFL Message boards, they're littered with Seahawks topics. Everything from Russell Wilson, DROY candidates (both Bruce and Wagner get tons of love), Sherman/Browner, underrated/dangerous teams, etc. Its fun to see that we have become a much discussed team.

    I love how we're in Petes final rebuilding year and we are already Super Bowl Contenders. This seasons been the most enjoyable in my 26 years of being a fan, 2005 included.

    Heres one of my favorite NFL General sites, really fun reads.
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  • is it other people discussing seahawks or is it seahawk fans now going on national boards discussing the seahawks :D
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  • Mix of both. A lot of those guys are sporting other team icons.
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  • Can we stop with the whole "lack of national media attention" thing yet ?

    Seriously, I hear three national radio shows all day, and other than Greenie's obvious hatred of the Seahawks, everyone is talking about the Seahawks.

    According to most talking heads:

    Seahawks are a lock to make the playoffs
    Seahawks are playing for the division
    Seahawks are still in the mix of 2nd seed
    No one wants to play the Seahawks in the postseason
    Russell Wilson is in the mix for RoY

    We are getting a ton of love. No one is saying the Cards gave the game away. They say the Cards are a bad team, but still give us props for ripping them up.

    I'm hearing it a lot, on every show. We're not a surprise anymore. We're mentioned every day. The only disrespect thing we get is the freakin GB game....that's what pisses me off. THAT loss is what screwed them, not any of their other losses. Ridiculous
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  • I agree with Hawks46. The Seahawks are getting a ton of national media attention. If I was a Dolphins fan, I might start to feel slighted by the lack of discussion of Tannehill while I can't turn on a tv sports show or radio program on without hearing about the three great rookie quarterbacks. Chris Berman was raving about how great the Seahawks are and all the other guys sitting there agreed with him on ESPN last night. He said "It's like we're watching them grow up." It was kind of a joke like we are their parents. Steve Mariucci made a similiar remark on the NFL Network last night. This morning Colin Cowherd said the Seahawks were the best team in the NFL right now. He had some other things to say about Carrroll but they seemed to be based on a negative opinion he had of Pete from his USC days not the Seahawks. I am seeing a ton of media attention right now stoked by the past two games and it will continue this year.
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