A perhaps meaningless observation about Matt Flynn

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  • One of the reasons I wasn't terribly enamored with Matt Flynn's first preseason start was that he was captain checkdown in that game. If memory serves he only threw one pass that traveled in the air more than 7 yards past the line of scrimmage in that game. It was something like that.

    That said, I came around on Flynn in week 2 when he showed more willingness to attack intermediate and deep. His numbers in that game were awful, but take TO's drops out of his line and he would have had a rating around 100, if not higher.

    Flynn missed week 3, and was good in week 4, with a mix of short and intermediate passing.

    I forget who did it, but somebody tracked Flynn's passing in Green Bay and found him to be a very ineffective QB on intermediate passing. Flynn's arm isn't great, but it hurt him more on intermediate stuff since you don't need a rocket arm to have a nice deep ball.

    Well today I couldn't help but notice that Flynn was not conservative at all. Most of his pass attempts targeted players that were more than 10 yards downfield. He did struggle a bit with overthrows, but the Matt Flynn I saw today was basically running Russell Wilson's version of the offense, and running it decently well. He wasn't checking down. He was taking shots and making big boy plays.

    Hopefully Wilson will never miss a meaningful game over the next 10+ years and this won't end up mattering, but I really like the progress I've seen from Flynn as an intermediate passer. He seems like a much better QB when playing with an opportunist mindset. I wonder if he had played with a more aggressive mindset from the start (and not had the TO and elbow problems) if he wouldn't be the starter right now. Not that I'm complaining, obviously.
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  • Good eval as always Kip.

    I think some of those challenges with the overthrows and some accuracy issues may come from him not having developed that rapport or chemistry with the receivers. Russell has had what 14 weeks including preseason as a starter to develop with these guys and get that going. Flynn has had to settle with second string reps largely and limited work with the first team. I saw enough that should he be the quarterback in the future I will not go to immediate panic mode.

    I guess a step in the right direction from where I was in the preseason, so....GO HAWKS
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  • He looked out of synch for a little bit, but that didn't matter as we were crushing the spirits of the Cardinals already and he didn't have to get into a rhythm, he looked fine when he settled down, except the part where he almost got Rice killed, but thats more on the coaching staff, why was Sidney out there?

    I'm good with him as our back up, he isn't horrible but he damn sure ain't Russell mother freakin' Wilson, I'll tell you that much.
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  • He looked good. My only question would be was he playing loose because we were so far ahead and he had nothing to lose? If he would have come in to a tight game woudl he have been teh same, or would he have reverted to being conservative?

    Who knows, but I liked what I saw from him. Even moved around the pocket and avoided the rush a few times which is something I didnt really know he had in his game.
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  • I thought it was pretty hilarious that his first pass attempt was tipped. Woulda been a TD had the ball not got tipped at the line. It looked like he was throwing harder than he was in pre-season, but maybe I'm just seeing things. Glad we have him as a backup.
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  • He was playing the team that we beat by 58. Of course he looked good. It was good to see him comfortable though.
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