Tom Cable speaks -- 12-06-12 Audio Interview

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  • Cable points out something to watch next 49ers game. With James Carpenter at LG, Justin was not having his usual way with the OL. I seriously doubt Moffitt will be able to replicate. Now, if James had tried to continue to play with that knee, he probably gets rag-dolled like Peppers did him last week.

    Cable states the Carpenter is the strongest guy on the OL.
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  • Cable also mentioned that John Moffit is at about 90%. Moffit will not be back to 100% until next year. So .... seeing other linemen get some snaps is not beyond the realm of possibilities.
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  • great interview. I love Coach Cable. I thought it was great talking about Carpenter. That playing Smith we wasn't able to budge Carp, which just doesn't happen and that will lose something with him out... He's the epitome of a "road grader." He firmly believes that James can be one of the best LG's in the NFL.

    I think it's wise to shut him down now in order for him to have a good start next year. Last thing we need was to play him and have him reinjure it and it be a repeat of this year. It would be interesting to see if Rishaw or Sweezy get action on Sunday.
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  • I like all of our O-linemen. I love Cable. I am such a homer.

    I am curious to see Sweazy get some reps. Also, i hope Moffit can hold up through the playoffs!
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