Sherman should cover fitz all over the field

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  • Do it with him.Match up Sherman vs Fitz all game long and put WT3 on the other side.Do it with the other teams best WR until his suspension starts
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  • my take on the whole thing is, only thing you lose with browner is size and physical ability.. jamming at the line, the size to go up for the ball with the taller recievers.. cover wise, i think thurmond has shown to be better....

    i agree with the OP, lock sherman on Fitz, thurmond on next guy, and the nickle, well it is what it is...
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  • thurmond is still a good corner and was actually was the starter when trufant got hurt until he then got hurt i think he will do fine i am more worried about if or when sherman gets suspended
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  • Sherman plays one side. Browner the other, regardless of who is across from them.

    I don't know if Pete will change that.
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  • Browner's got speed. He's run from behind and made tackles numerous times to save plays. If Sherman's our #1, Browner's our #1A. Out of WTIII, Browner, Chancellor, and ET I think Chancellor could be the weakest link this week in our secondary if Thurmond plays up to expectations. Not that Chancellor's bad.
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  • With Sherman of Fitz and if the defense could actually show up and create some pass rush that will keep Skelton running for his life, then there will be a lot of 3 and outs for AZ, while forcing them to run more..... we just have to protect the outside of the oline against the run.
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  • This is why we have Earl. We aren't changing our secondary philosophy for Fitz.
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  • ...Or even better, we should trade Sherman for Fitz.
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