if someone would have told me the hawks d...

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  • would be causing us to sweat bullets and that our rookie qb was where the teams strength would seem to be as the race for the playoffs began....there's no way I would believe it....To be fair, the defense is still good...just not playing as well as earlier in the season....also it seems like the end of these road games I find myself falling into the normal..."oh crap...they've lost this one now...." That was prevalent for a lot of years. Hopefully these breakdowns will get cleaned up as they race to the end of the regular season and hopefully secure a playoff berth. I just hope that whatever adjustments are made, that they can hold onto them on the road since it will likely look like a completely different defense than the one we have seen since 3 of the last 4 are at home.
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  • yeah, this team's completely flip flopped from the first half of the season.
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  • Let's hope that flip-flop includes flipping from not being able to win on the road to.....

    ....like last year. Go Hawks!
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  • There definitely seems to be a shift in productivity. They need to find a winning balance.
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  • If the defense can get to the point of just being above average on the road, this team can do some damage in the playoffs assuming the O continues to grow and perform.


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