Is the Chicago win your favorite win of the season??

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  • I was just thinking about this, so what are your win's, ranked? Here's mine:

    1. Chicago. I just can't keep them out of the top spot. It was on the ROAD people, and Wilson did the impossible, which was magnificent to see.

    2. Patriots. Another game where Wilson balled and we won against a top team.

    3. Cowboys. Even though they suck now, in the beginning of the year they were competent, and we just imposed our will on them. Magnificent.

    4. Packers. I just couldn't rank this one that high, because even though our defense balled in this game, it was so frustrating on offense. Those games are never fun, especially because this one has a whole bunch of controversy.

    5. Vikings. AP rushed for a whole bunch of yards on us, but we finally were able to pull away from a team in what seemed like a bit. No nailbiter here, you knew the Vikes were doomed once the 2:00 minute warning passed.

    6. Jets. This win felt so fluky almost. I knew the Jets were horrible, and I could never fully enjoy it. Hated seeing Wilson look like a true rookie in the first half.

    7. Panthers. God did Wilson look bad in this game. He threw a pick 6 and such, and we didn't fully deserve this win, as Newton missed a wide open TE in the endzone. Still, a win is a win I guess, and Brandon Browner's strip on the option was magnificent.

    And this is my last topic started! Sorry about that, just a gameday win gets you riled up!

    What about you guys?
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  • My list would look like yours, except I think I would switch 3 and 4. Although I was pulling my hair out at times during the Packers game, watching our D Line wreak havoc was priceless.
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  • For me its:

    1. Patriots
    2. Cowboys
    3. Bears
    4. Packers
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  • Psychobabbler wrote:IT IS THIS WEEK! :D

    Exactly my thought!
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  • Patriots game is still my favorite. This one made me angry too many times to be my favorite.
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  • I agree with #1-3, but I'd put the Vikings win at #4, Jets at #5, GB and Panthers tied for Least favorite/satisfying victory. GB would be in the Top 3 at the time it happened, but the blow back and after effect of that game made me want to punch a baby.
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  • Call me old fashioned but the packers game was it. They rolled into the CLINK talking trash and left crying. The subsequent backlash from the press and in particular their fan base was priceless. Pats were a close second followed by the Bears.
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  • I'm going outside the box and saying I prefer wins like the one against the Vikings: establish a lead, pound out the yards and clock in the 2nd half. Get the WIN without the heart attacks. That being said, I think this was just as THRILLING a win as the GB and NE games.
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  • 1.Packers
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  • My favorite win will be the 49'er game.
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  • I'm looking forward to our win against the Texans personally.
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  • v1rotv2 wrote:My favorite win will be the 49'er game.

    Oh yeah, if we win the 9er game, that one will probably top my list.

    Then again playoff wins beat all.
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  • 1. Packers-Because the win was just epic

    2. Cowboys-Because half of my family (Brothers, in laws and nieces and nephews) are cowboys fans.

    3. Bears- Even though we almost blew it. I couldnt believe Brandon caught that. Sherminator should of just knocked it down. Refs and the announcers sucked great win tho. I dont like the whole bears organization seems like we play them every year. Ill never forget when Carlson went down in the playoffs couple years back and they played enter Sandman. I didnt think that was very funny at all.

    4. Patriots-Patriots because they are a good organization who half of the league wants to be like.

    5. Panthers-Cuz I went to the game and I hate traveling and spending money when we get beat when we win its money well spent.

    6. Vikes-Cuz they are sorta a rival against us in my eyes. Ever since the whole Hutch thing went down I hated them. So I was happy when we kicked that a@$.

    7. Jets-Cuz the Jets are who we thought they were and we didnt let them off the hook.

    Go Hawks
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  • JesterHawk wrote:I'm looking forward to our win against the Texans personally.

    I dont think Texans have what it takes, at least this year. I would love a grudge match with the stealers, personally
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  • To go to Chicago, play a morning game, in slow grass, have so many things go wrong and then RW just take over.

    This game hands down
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  • Mine were the Cowboys and Jets victory. Considered blowouts for this team and no near-heart attacks for me

    Seriously was the Patriots game
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  • Come on, the Panthers game should be higher than 7th if only for the intentional safety. I was sitting about 50 feet from Ryan when it happened thinking WTF IS GOING ON. I finally figured it out when he started playing school yard tag with the defender.
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  • Pats for me. Simply because I was there. Don't get to often living in UT. Was in heaven.
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  • Cowpatties, hands down. Always have hated the America's Team bullshit and always will. Nothing warms my heart like beating those bastards save for a playoff or SB win.
    BTW, anyone notice in last night's game NBC was falling all over themselves saying Dullass was a game behind Seattle for the final wild card spot? Um no douchebags, the Hawks beat them head to head meaning Seattle is 2, that's TWO games ahead of them for that berth. Suck it.
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  • therealjohncarlson wrote:
    JesterHawk wrote:I'm looking forward to our win against the Texans personally.

    I dont think Texans have what it takes, at least this year. I would love a grudge match with the stealers, personally

    I don't want that at all. There is no way this team can overcome the phenomenon that is Charlie Batch.
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  • 1. Patriots
    2. Packers ***
    3. Bears

    ***When we beat the 49ers at the Clink in a few weeks that will move to #2.
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  • Patriots game, no question. Not only did I get to celebrate in a room filled with Patriots fans (with the exception of my loyal wife), but on Wilson's ridiculous bomb that won the game, I was holding my (at the time) one month old niece in my arms.

    To this day, my wife will say in glowing tones, "My husband is going to be such a great father, because he didn't spike the baby when the Seahawks won the game."
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