So, the playcalling was pretty damn efficient today

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  • Go Bevell!!!

    We shit on him everytime we lose, lets give him some credit for a great win.
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  • Great job Bevell. FYI I never crap on him or anyother coaches/players.
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  • Yall must've forgot about the 2nd and 3rd qtr...he's been pretty good in the 1st and 4th for whatever reason tho
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  • I dunno, I don't wanna sound like a stick in the mud, but it'll take more than a couple decent games for me to start singing his praises...
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  • Good call. I think overall it was a great day for him. Something I heard in Pete's presser is they stated the whole book is open to RW now. That has to be a lot more comfortable as an OC this year than last year...
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  • I honestly think he has been fine for about 5 or 6 games now basically coinciding with Wilson becoming familiar with the offense. Frankly, he has been fine from the beginning but was limited by Wilson and teh team at first.

    I never know what all the fuss is about - most of the blame for the Lions and Dolphins losses fits squarely on the defense - and today, if we had lost, would have been no different.
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  • Pretty sure a lot of yards were late in the half when RW went no huddle and called them himself. Let's not get carried away here.

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  • Uh, I wouldn't call the overall play calling today "pretty damn efficient", personally.
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  • Good job DB for opening up the passing game. Great job RW for never panicking and never quitting on a dead play.
    During an interview last week PC said the playbook has been open for RW for over a month now. He has proven to be the biggest Wilson backer in all he has done and said. Great job PC for recognizing that Washington was successfully tailoring its offense around RG3 and then getting the zone read implemented on offense with Wilson. Props for recognizing that the offense needs to work off Wilson's strengths rather than limiting him to the game-manager role.
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  • i'm glad they finally realize they can open the playbook wide open now.. still when we had the lead, bevell or whoever went back to the coservative, "play not to lose" play calling... running the ball.. until we are up by several scores, i would like to see them continue to mix it up, keep the D guessing... but overall, i would rate this as bevell's best game this year.. and we didn't even have to use any trickery.
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  • He actually made adjustments. For once. I don't think he did that at all against Miami, given the fact he kept trying to run the ball when it was apparent Miami was daring Wilson to beat them with his arm.

    Yesterday, Bevell started off ominous in the play-calling department then did a 180. Wilson executed to perfection, with exception to the one overthrow to Miller in the EZ, and the rest is history.
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