Walter Thurmond III.. how did he look?

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Walter Thurmond III.. how did he look?
Sun Dec 02, 2012 5:18 pm
  • I wasn't really focusing in on him. How did he look? Upgrade from Trufant?
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  • I already asked this question and nobody replied. It looked to me like Browner was the guy that was getting picked on. I didnt really notice Thurmond at all, which for a CB is a good thing.
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  • They weren't running many 3-4 receiver sets afaics. Don't think he had a pass thrown to him.
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  • Too early to tell, the Bears never had to look at anybody other than Marshall the entire game
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  • All the Bears did was keep throwing to Marshall - and Forte a few times. I think other than those two, they only had a few completions all game.

    When we will really see how Walter is doing is if he needs to start for Browner/Sherman.
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  • I'll watch the game tomorrow on Rewind, but considering Trufant sticks out like face herpes every time he's burned I'd have to say Thurmond was an upgrade in his invisibility.
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  • I didn't see him much in the telecast

    He thinks he did ok

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