failed tests

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failed tests
Tue Nov 27, 2012 3:39 am
  • they are simply tests that had negative results, lots of things can throw them off.

    since only a few were allowed to respond on dolphins thread and theres still his thread that suggests Seahawk players have cheated I'd like to say this..

    lets test everyone on the Dolphins squad and see what we come up with?

    what do ya say about that?

    and, that allegation hardly explains Seattle's 5 losses and the Dolphins 6, did every team the Fins lost to have players on "performance enhancing drugs" huge difference between performance enhancers and any one of the many other agents that can tip off a urine test, they are known as "false positives", sheesh, do some homework before you start accusing players of cheating, if anything was a "fail" it was the official calling a personal foul on Tannehil's int, EPIC :roll:
    GO HAWKS!!!
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