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  • This gem was hidden inside the 15 page suspension thread. Credit to Sgt Largent for finding it!

    This might be the greatest Seahawks youtube video i've ever seen. I think my favorite part is what i'm assuming is Jeremy Stevens and Hope Solo randomly start fighting around the 38 second mark.

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  • Mind=BLOWN!!!!!!!!! I don't even know what to say. other than MUST WATCH AGAIN!!
    GO HAWKS!!!!!!!!!
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  • Largent80 wrote:Another 2 minutes of my life wasted. Thanks

    You're welcome.
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  • That was 31 flavors of self stereotyping awesomeness.
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  • Other than the fact that Browner is number 39, that was pretty damn funny.
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  • the amazing part is someone put that together in under 24 hours
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  • I'm not sure if that was truly epic...or truly terrible.
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  • I kept waiting for Gangam Style to bust in.
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  • I think this is the weirdest Real Rob Report we've seen.
    Tru2RedNGold25 wrote:Us as Niners fan have every right to rep Niners all day everyday when we have the hardware to back it up do can u guys say that???

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  • I liked the Bears roasting a couple of birds on the grill. It was funny to me. Thanks for the link.
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  • wut thu hell
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  • MissoulaHawkFan wrote:I'm not sure if that was truly epic...or truly terrible.

    Something can be so terrible that it's epic.
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  • Why have more people not posted on this. This is amazing. The Jeremy Stevens/Hope Solo fighting is amazing. And the Uno Wild card. And the "because I got high"
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  • That might be the most random thing I've ever seen in my life.
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  • Shit, I think I just came back from the black... Damn you seizure inducing asian cartoons!
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  • BAAAAAH! That was kind of insane, haha.

    Go Hawks.
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  • Amazing, epic. Thanks for sharing.
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  • Oh boy, if you're just discovering the NMA news animations now, you're in for a wasted afternoon of hilarity.

    Here's another Seahawks-centric one:

    Note: MAYBE NSFW if you count implied sexuality or cartoon Jonathon Vilma violence. ... r_embedded
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  • Don't thank me, I mean blame me, blame Uproxx, that's where I Shooped it from.

    I've watched it four times now, and still don't understand 75% of what's going on.....maybe you have to actually be on one of the banned substances to truly appreciate the video's greatness.
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  • JSeahawks wrote:

    This might be the greatest Seahawks youtube video i've ever seen.

    Really?,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,The greatest? :roll: you're not useing adderol are you? :vodka:
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  • :dummy:
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  • What is the address for us smartphone users?
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It is currently Tue Jun 19, 2018 6:46 am

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