There is no way this team would win a road playoff game

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  • Even if they make the playoffs, which obviously is less likely now, this team is GARBAGE on the road. What a pathetic display in Miami. The defense and the O line makes me sick.
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  • agreed
    Russell Wilson doesn't do losing anymore -peachesenregalia, jan 5, 2013
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  • Agreed.
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  • We will never win on the road cause our top 5 D only shows up when ol mama 12 coddles it.
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  • Yep, this game proved it, and it's also the game that likely renders speculating about our ability in the playoffs null and void.
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  • So depressing...

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  • Lets call it what it is an average team pucking fathetic
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  • Yep,and its going to happen again next week.
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  • This was the game that locked us up in the playoffs, assuming we where to win all three home games. WIth this loss we are oout of the playoffs. That was a pathetic display. They should be ashamed, the defense played very poorly
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